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Seamless Connectivity with The Integrated Global Cloud Network

Zero Trust

Put an end to digital theft, malware attacks, and phishing scams with the most reliable Zero Trust application access and web browsing solution available.

Website & App Performance

Accelerate your websites, programs, and applications with our global network to optimize and deliver your content right where it's needed! Increase the speed of delivery for users near and far by utilizing our unparalleled infrastructure.

Website & App Security

Protect your web pages and applications from hazardous bot attacks, DDoS assaults, as well as other malicious activities with our vigilant monitoring system. Ensure that no harm is done to your site by any malicious factors!

Network Security & Performance

Harness the power of cutting-edge networking solutions to securely and rapidly link your networks—without having to cope with the cost or complexity that comes along with managing outdated hardware.


Instantly distribute serverless code around the world for unparalleled performance, dependability, and scalability.

Cloudflare One

Get rid of costly, proprietary circuits and benefit from a single global network that offers integrated Zero Trust security controls, DDoS prevention capabilities, firewall protection, and traffic acceleration using our state-of-the-art Network as a Service platform.

The solution allows you to easily connect remote & onsite users securely to resources with the help of identity-based safety protocols.

Zero Trust

Stop data loss, malware and phishing with the most performant Zero Trust application access and Internet browsing solution.

Website & App Performance

Speed up websites, apps, & APIs through our global network to optimize your content & deliver it closer to the users location.

Website & App Security

Protect websites & applications from bots, DDoS attacks & more. All while monitoring for suspicious activity & potential attacks.

Network Security & Performance

Networking solutions to connect, secure, & accelerate your networks — without the cost & complexity of managing legacy hardware.


Deploy serverless code instantly across the globe to give it exceptional performance, reliability, & scale.

Cloudflare One

Zero Trust network-as-a-service platform to dynamically connect remote & on-site users to resources, with identity-based security controls.

Replace expensive, proprietary circuits with a single global network that provides built-in Zero Trust functionality, DDoS mitigation, network firewalling, and traffic acceleration.

Cloudflare Helps You Turn Economic Uncertainty Into Opportunity

Today organizations are facing economic uncertainty, shrinking budgets and lack of clarity on how to move their business forward.


Cloudflare helps you regain control in this environment in three ways.

Control spending

Gain better control over spending and lower your TCO

Shrink supply chain risk

Eliminate hardware lead times and price uncertainty

Increase business flexibility

Navigate a changing business landscape with greater flexibility


Ashton Tate Delivers Networking And Security As One Cloud-Native Architecture

The public Internet is becoming the new corporate network, and that shift calls for a radical reimagining of network security and connectivity. Learn how Ashton Tate makes it easy and intuitive to connect users, build branch office on-ramps, and delegate application access — often in minutes.

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Unleash the full potential of your global customer base - expand your network today!


Firewall, DDoS protection, rate limiting, bot management, VPN, and more.


Intelligent routing, mobile & image optimization, video, cache.


Load balancing, DNS, virtual backbone.


Speed up your response time with a leader in edge development!

Take advantage of the world’s most dependable, lightning-fast serverless computing platform to construct and execute contemporary applications at the side – due to the fact that speed is key. By relocating your latency-sensitive workloads closer to end users, you can expedite response times and offer a superior user experience in turn.


Ashton Tate is a perfect complement to your existing infrastructure. Let us take care of the hard work: we guarantee you will be able to deliver faster web and mobile traffic all around the world, enhance user experience by increasing performance, and cut expenses. Our network offers powerful APIs with real-time logs that are easily configurable; this makes it easier for you to discover potential issues quickly before they become serious problems.


Secure your team and devices.

Yesterday’s static access controls – and the closed networks they relied upon for trust and verification – are no match for today’s open enterprise. Ashton Tate replaces legacy security perimeters with our global network, making getting work done on the Internet faster and safer for teams.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Enforce default-deny, Zero Trust rules for users accessing all your applications, faster and safer than a VPN.

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Secure and inspect corporate Internet traffic to help prevent phishing, ransomware, and other Internet risks.

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

Provide Internet threat and data protection by running code away from endpoints, without sacrificing performance.


Build globally scalable applications.

The traditional model of building cloud applications requires you to set up containers and deploy to zones. Should your application or website surge in popularity, you have to manage the scaling process.

Ashton Tate changes that. You write the code, and we handle the rest. With serverless functions, storage at the edge, and instant static sites, you can build your applications directly onto our network.

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