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Location Intelligence

GIS (geographic information system)—a form of artificial intelligence—has quietly landed in various sectors of the commercial world, allowing executives who recognize its power to analyze information based on location and improve their decision-making. 

This AI-based technology uses location-based data to help businesses visualize, analyze, and interpret patterns in data, which can inform decisions on marketing, sales, and operations. GIS AI technology has applications in various sectors, including retail, real estate, logistics, and healthcare, and can give businesses a competitive edge.

Labelled Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model

In the context of AI, LLM can refer to a type of machine learning algorithm called “Labelled LDA Model” or “Labelled Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model”. LLM is a supervised learning algorithm that is used for text classification tasks, where the goal is to assign predefined categories or labels to documents based on their content. Here are some of the applications built on such learning. 

Creative Intelligence

Simulate and animate stunning 2D and 3D designs with AutoCAD. For 35 years, professionals rely on animation software for the simple reason that AutoCAD offers a solid workflow between desktop, cloud, and mobile apps.

Our intuitive modeling, drawing and drafting software has engineers, architects, and designers convinced from all over the world. Closing the gap between digital and manual design and drafting, AutoCAD helps you bring your ideas to life.

Get ready to create unique posters, banners, social posts, and more with a simple text prompt.

With Firefly, the plan is to do this and more — like uploading a mood board to generate original, customizable content. In the future, we hope to enable Firefly to do fantastic work with 3D, like turning simple 3D compositions into photorealistic images and quickly creating new styles and variations of 3D objects.

Automotive Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has found its place among the most-fascinating ideas of our time. It shows the imagination of visionaries, engineers, and science enthusiasts. In many ways, it represents the revolution of data and has disrupted the aspects of modern life.

Applications of AI technology are huge in the automotive industry. From industrial robots at production places to driverless cars, taxis, buses, and trucks, AI in the automotive industry has recently brought tremendous changes.

Energy Intelligence

It is clear that energy is an essential element, but its negative consequences such as: environmental deterioration, resource depletion and energy dependence, put energy efficiency alternatives and/or solutions in the spotlight.

New technologies are gaining prominence in the face of the alarming need to reduce gas emissions and the development of a more sustainable and ecological-economic model. For this reason, companies and institutions are in the process of implementing technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to improve alternatives.



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